Racial Overview of Jorth

The top 10 most populous (though certainly not popular, in some cases) races on Jorth, in descending order, are: Goblin, Human, Elf, Orc, Dwarf, Halfling, Ogre, Half-Elf, Troll, and Half-Orc.

Goblins: Closely related to Orcs. They are smaller, and usually weaker. Much more sensitive to light than their larger cousins. Goblins usually live in large groups in their underground lairs. Goblins do not organize well, goblin hordes are ruled by the toughest, meanest goblin, and political advancement usually comes at knife point. Goblins are a major aggressor toward Dwarves, and the two races have fought many genocidal wars over the millenia. At this time, goblins are once again on the march, and have overrun several Dwarven kingdoms in the Coal Mountains area. Dwarves from other kingdoms are pouring into the region to attempt to exterminate the Goblin hordes.

Humans: Come in nearly every shape, size, color and description. Most Human societies in the east are feudal or manorial in nature. On the plains west of the Great River are a few agricultural city states, and
tribes of nomads and barbarians.

Elves: The Elves of Jorth live in small sovereign realms scattered throughout the forests of the world. The lords of the realms swear allegiance to the High King, but in practice they run their realms as they wish. The High King has his court far away in the west, and most Elves from the east have never seen him, and know of him only from the infrequent messengers that come from the west with his edicts. Elves mostly keep to themselves, and on the whole have little to do with Humans or other outsiders, with the exception of the sylvan races (treants, dryads, etc.). Elves and Orcs are mortal enemies, Orcs are repugnant to Elves, who see them as an abomination. Elves use many types of weaponry, but when using swords favor leaf-shaped, waist-bladed longswords or falchions.

Orcs: Orcs hate Elves more than Elves hate Orcs. Orcs are large, intelligent, cunning, vicious opponents, who use whatever tactics are needed to gain power and control over their target areas. Orcs are sensitive to bright light, especially sunlight. They are an ascendant race on Jorth, and frequently come in contact with other races. They are usually hostile towards Humans, and Dwarves, as they
compete for the same limited resources. Orcs have been known to attack and enslave groups of goblins, using them as labor and forced fighters. When Orcs kill Humans or Elves, they usually eat the bodies.
Dwarves are usually not eaten (not tender enough), and Goblins are never eaten. When an Orc is killed in ritualized political combat, his remains are usually eaten by the victor.

Dwarves: Dwarves are in decline on Jorth, due to low birthrates and constant genocidal warfare with Goblins, and competition with Humans and Orcs for resources. The greatest Dwarven kingdoms of
the age are in the Coal Mountains region. At the current time, Dwarves from all over the known world are coming to the Coal Mountains, to begin another in a long line of crusades to wipe out the Goblin hordes. More horrible bloodshed is sure to come.

Halflings: Halflings are an agricultural and pastoral people, living in small communities throughout the lands east of the Great River, with the highest population density in the County of the Halflings. Halflings are not known for their armed abilities or their adventuring prowess, and most other races consider them to be simple, jovial farmers. They are most well known for their pipeweed plantations. The few Halflings that do take up the adventuring life are usually ostracized and shunned by their
people, and are only treated with respect if they return home rich in wealth and tales.

Ogres: Ogres live in tribal groups in the northern forests, beyond the Freshwater Sea and the Seadrain river. The Ogres found in the southern lands are usually either raiding parties or escaped slaves. Ogres are cunning and violent. They don't make alliances, and rarely work well with Ogres from other tribal groups. Ogres are nasty, smelly, and disagreeable.

Half-Elves: Half-Elves are becoming more common, as Elven and Human groups interact more. Half-Elves are usually more accepted into Elven society than Human. Half-Elves frequently engage in adventuring lifestyles, as they often do not feel comfortable in the either of their ancestral societies.

Trolls: Trolls are brutish, nasty, cunning, violent, disgusting, repellent creatures. They have no redeeming qualities. Trolls are known to be cannibalistic. They also usually eat the bodies of slain non-Troll enemies, regardless of race (like Orcs they consider Elves a great meal, but they will eat anything that they can kill).

Half-Orcs: Half-Orcs are becoming more common, as Orcs begin to enter areas controlled by Humans. Half-Orcs are not accepted into Human societies, but are frequently found in Orc settlements, where they are considered to be lucky. Half-Orcs are often protected by Orc clan laws, and are more and more frequently found as the leaders of Orc raiding parties.