Geography of Jorth

Geography of Jorth
The World of Jorth is, in some ways, not much different from our own. In the warm months, hurricanes sweep in from the Ocean of Storms and drop massive amounts of rain, and blast the coastal areas with howling winds. In the winter, nor'easters roar along the coast, bringing blizzards, hail and ice storms. On Jorth, only a brave hero or a fool would attempt to sail across the Ocean of Storms to reach the fabled Eastern Lands across the deep. Aside from the stormy nature of the Ocean, there are also great icebergs that float down from the icy north to menace shipping; the Ocean of Storms and the Weed Sea are home to a verity of aquatic monsters that enjoy nothing more than snacking on ships and foolhardy mariners. Coastal shipping along the Ocean of Storms is not as dangerous as cross-Ocean voyages, and some large ports exist in the well protected harbor areas. Fishing is also excellent in most areas, with Blue, Fluke, Cod, Herring, Seabass, various Sharks, and all manner of crustaceans making appearances throughout the year.
The rivers of Jorth are important routes of trade, bringing goods, travelers, and news to far off points. The major rivers of the East are the River of Tears, the Eagle River, the Coal River, The Iron river, The Wheatwater River, the Pleasant River (also called the Halflingwash, by some Humans), the Cotton River, the Stoney Bed, the Seadrain River, the Moose River and, westernmost river of the eastern lands, but mightiest, is the Great River. The western rivers are just as numerous and important as their eastern counterparts. The Long River, Canyoncarver, Cactus, the High-King's River, and the Whale are some of the most important rivers in the west. The Freshwater Sea is the most important body of water in the central area. The kingdoms along the shores of the Freshwater Sea are prosperous. The southern areas grow great quantities of grain. The northern shores are forested with tall, strong trees, that fetch good prices as building materials, and the entire area is home to abundant game.
The Cotton Lands are the areas west of the Sea of Storms, south of the Halflingwash, all the way west up to the Great River. This land is particularly bountiful in cotton, corn, and fruit. This area is also home to the County of the Halflings, where the best quality of pipeweed is grown, and well known beers are brewed. There are other pipeweed producing regions (the Stoneybed and Coal river valleys are other well known sources) but the product from the County is considered superior.
Far to the south lies the Encircled Sea. The Encircled Sea is surrounded by long chains of islands, broken by narrow channels to the Ocean of Storms. The Encircled Sea is subject to hurricanes in the summer and autumn, but is relatively calm most of the rest of the year. The Encircling Lands are foreign to most northerners, and are known only as places of tropical paradise, beautiful and savage.