An Introduction to the World of Jorth

An Introduction to the World of Jorth:

At some time, a series of plagues passed over Jorth. Different societies have different tales of this time, but the most common include: famine, pox, leprosy, magical war, wrath of the gods, monstrous invasion, fire, flood, and freak weather. After many years of being subject to these repeated plagues, Humankind, and their brothers, Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, etc. were able to rise again and begin their return to greatness.

No one knows if, in The World Before there were Demi-Humans and Humanoids. Elves claim to have existed since long before the fall of Mankind, indeed, they claim to be the First Race. Their history is fragmentary, due to the Passing of the ancient world. At the time of the plagues, the Elves became subject to Death, their lifespans no more than two or three centuries. The wars and plagues took their toll on the Elves, and they retreated to their traditional homes, the deep forests of the world. After the dawn of the current age, the Elves quickly followed the revelations of their Powers, and headed west, to the coast of the Western Sea, founding their kingdom in the Land of the Great Trees. Now the High King of the Elves rules a great people, with sovereign domains along the densely forested far north western coast. All Elven lands, either on the coast of the Western Ocean, or on the coast of the Ocean of Storms, or in between, recognize the High King as their overlord, though in practice most of the realms in the east are independent, without much interaction with the High King.

The Dwarves claim to pre-date Humans also, and their tales tell that they have worked the Earth for as long as the Elves have walked the forests. Dwarven legends tell that during the Ancient Times they were less numerous, and hid among the Human population. After the Passing they began to increase in number. They founded new Dwarven realms, each with it's king and lords, and once again began thier ceaseless conflict with the Goblins and Orcs beneath the surface. In the eastern area, the largest Dwarf Halls are beneath the Coal Mountains and throughout the chain of low mountains that stretches north to south throughout most of the east. Dwarves also inhabit the Wyvern Spine Mountains,and other mountain chains of the west.

The Halflings don't have any tales that stretch back beyond the Passing. They consider themselves related to Humans, but more intelligent, wiser, more attractive, and, generally, superior in most ways to the clumsy big folk. For the most part the Halflings live in their County, growing pipeweed, brewing beer, and generally enjoying the Good Life. They tend to have good relations with the Human populations surrounding them, but prefer to be left alone. The Halflings that venture beyond their own lands (especially the pipeweed wagoneers) are viewed with as a bit suspicious, though the stories they tell in the pubs are enjoyed by even the most solid Halfling citizen.