We step away from the World of Jorth for a moment, to review a product from +David Hill of 3d6trapsandthieves.blogspot.com

Review of “Cupid Must Die! Kobolds Ate My Valentine”

'Cupid Must Die! Kobolds Ate My Valentine' is a mini-adventure written by David A. Hill for the Kobolds Ate My Baby! (KAMB!) RPG by 9th Level Games. Themed for Valentine's Day, this adventure brings the player's Kobold characters to a local human Valentine's Carnival in search of Cupid, in order to satisfy King Torg's (ALL HAIL KING TORG!) hunger for flying baby wings. The adventure runs ten pages of a twelve page PDF file.

'Cupid Must Die!' is a light hearted adventure in baby napping and child eating, just as expected from KAMB! While keeping the adventure to a 'PG-13' rating, Hill includes many opportunities for chaos, mayhem, and good natured Kobold-cide. While a mini-adventure in page count, this module should contain enough material to sustain a couple of hours of game session time.

The module is well laid out, with very readable typefaces for both the body text and headings (pink, Valentine's Day themed headings!). The stat blocks are presented well, and the NPCs, while not fully developed each are fleshed out enough to make them fun and interesting. The art is appropriate, featuring a winged, flaming, candy conversation heart on the cover, and some interior art by the author.

I recommend this module, for both novice and experienced players of KAMB! If you haven't experienced the game, this would be a great introductory adventure.