Half Elves of Jorth

The Half Elves of Jorth are now, and have always been, a small race with a large impact on the world. They claim to embody all the best qualities of Elves and Humans, though some claim that they are just as likely to embody the worst, as well.
Half Elves, who often struggle to find balance within themselves, are frequently outcasts from the societies of both their parents.  They are thought of as too Human (rash, impulsive, emotional, violent) for Elven society, and too Elvish (detached, contemplative, cold, flighty) for Human society.  While Half Elves may live in Elven and Human settlements, they are not really members of the community.

Many Half Elves, upon reaching adulthood, strike out to make their own places in the world.  Many join the people known as "Roamers", who travel the highways and byways of Jorth, making the road their home.  Roamers make their living by peddling small craft items, providing unskilled manual labor, and, most famously, the combination of entertainment and thievery.  When a Roamer caravan is spotted nearing a town, the residents first decide what finery they will wear to browse the crafts and watch the entertainers, and second lock up their valuables.  While most Roamers are not out-and-out criminals, enough of them are to keep the stereo type going.

Half Elves are not known for their devotion to the gods, and are not often found as Clerics or Paladins. Those Half Elves who choose a spiritual path to personal discovery tend to become Druids.  Those who wield divine or spiritual power may be found among the Roamer caravans, tending to the needs of their wandering community, and providing guidance and help (for a price) to residents of the settlements they pass through.

Half Elves who follow the martial path in life tend toward Fighters and Rangers. Barbarian Half Elves are uncommon, and are usually only found among Half Elves who live with the Barbarian clan of their Human parent.
Half Elf Rogues and Bards may be the most common characters in stories and songs, especially those about Roamers. The penchant for individuality, the feeling of being apart from community, and the need to prove themselves to the world, leads about equal numbers of Half Elves to thievery or Bard-dom.

Wizard Half Elves are not unheard of, though Sorcerers are much more common.  Every school and blood line is represented, and Half Elf arcanists tend to be flashy, showy, and entertaining. This applies equally to Roamer magic shows and arcane combat.  The greatest Half Elf heroes in story and song are the classic "Fighter-Arcanist-Thief" archetype.